Nominate a nonprofit for a complementary review

We are passionate about helping small businesses, nonprofits and startups be as safe, secure and confident as possible. But we know that nonprofits particularly struggle with balancing the operational needs of a business and fulfilling their mission. 

We want to do our part as well, so throughout 2016 BizSafe is offering a complementary review for one nonprofit each month.  

There are a few limitations: We want to help small nonprofits that really struggle to manage operational costs. So large organizations like United Way or Goodwill will not be eligible. Organizations with multiple locations, large inventory-based operations or that are more than 25 miles outside of the Greenville city center, may also be outside the scope of this offer. We also want to help a diverse group of organizations, so we don't want to do all churches or all animal care facilities. We reserve the right to make totally subjective decisions based on the nominations we receive. But that leaves scores of organizations eligible. 

Adopt a nonprofit

If you are a local business, there's another way for your to help a nonprofit out. BizSafe has an "adopt a nonprofit" program where a business contracting for a BizSafe Review for itself can purchase a review for a qualifying nonprofit at half the cost.