The BizSafe Program

A fraud investigator and a technology executive joined together to create the BizSafe program. Bringing to the table experience in large corporate arenas as well as small businesses and non profits, BizSafe is a scalable tool to help assess, identify and mitigate the internal controls and security procedures that could be leaving you vulnerable. 


  • An evaluation of your internal controls including access, separation of duties, reporting, reviews, cash procedures, payroll security and inventory control. 
  • Internal audits of the specific areas or business as a whole.

  • Compliance assessment.

  • Fraud Risk assessment.

  • Periodic or continuous internal audit coverage


  • Inventory and asset review including hardware and software. 
  • Security evaluation.
  • User access and role analysis.
  • Social media and website controls analysis.
  • Best practices and procedures for document control, database accessibility, business continuity planning and backups.
  • Online services, service level agreements evaluation.
  • Staff awareness assessment.

Three levels of service to choose from


We conduct a thorough analysis and provide a report of findings, a list of vulnerabilities and suggested solutions.


We help you fix any or all of the issues on your timeline and within your budget. We can work with your own staff and provide training, or we can bring in contingent staff to assist.


An annual commitment with monthly, quarterly or yearly billing of equal amounts. We will do quarterly or half-yearly reviews, as required. And we're on call when you have questions or implement new programs or systems.