Time for a spring checkup of your business security


Did you see this coming?

We Did.


Did you see fraud coming? No? The average company losses 5% of its revenues every year to fraud. Whether you know it or not.

Did you see ransomware or some other form of destructive hacking coming? No? 60 percent of all US businesses have been hacked and numbers are growing.

Did you think you were too small to be hacked? The FBI says small businesses and nonprofits are the primary target for hacking. 

Did you make investments in technology and staff to protect yourself? That's enough, right? Not so much. Equifax, Sony, Anthem Healthcare, Target, The IRS, all have lots of money and resources. You can connect the dots. 


Take control

Once you know the pitfalls, you can avoid them. 

You can't stop what you don't see

BizSafe helps make your business safer. How?

  • Targeting ways to protect your data, cash, or assets.
  • Addressing the uncertainty regarding financial, operational, and information security procedures.
  • Clarifying your business’ current risk status.
  • Unraveling procedures to be more effective and streamlined burdensome procedures.
  • Establishing workable security policies designed to work within your structure.
  • Training your staff on their critical role in protecting your assets. 
  • Developing a clear, understandable plan to eliminate or mitigate vulnerabilities

You can do it

We can help get everything moving in the right direction

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