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Innovate HR is one of the largest human resources technology firms based in South Carolina managing companies with employees in 38 states and six countries. Innovate uses technology to help manage the HR needs of an array of industries including: finance, retail, health, construction, manufacturing, IT, pharmaceutical, not-for-profit, and professional services.

Bizsafe conducted a financial and technology audit for my company last year - they did an excellent job meeting with every individual to review processes to ensure we were "safe" while also educating my staff for potential issues that could arise in the future. I highly recommend them to any growing business that wants to ensure they have proper measures in place to prevent fraud and data breaches!

-- Paula Fulgum, Chief Innovator/President

Boykin spaniel rescue

A national rescue organization devoted to the "Little Brown Dog" or LBDs that are the state dog of South Carolina, this unusual group is spread across the entire US with a formidable volunteer force operating from their homes. 

"Boykin Spaniel Rescue is very grateful for the detailed and thorough BizSafe review we received. You were easy to work with; respectful of our volunteers’ time; understood and maneuvered through the unique dynamics of our organization; and identified and offered viable options and solutions for both latent and on-going issues putting our organization at potential risk.

Boykin Spaniel Rescue, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose volunteers are not centrally located but instead spread out across presenting a myriad of unique challenges for our organization as well as it did for your company during the collaboration of this review. The process of gathering information required multiple phone calls with multiple volunteers across multiple time zones. Most of our volunteers work full or part-time jobs as well as have family obligations. In order to accommodate our volunteers’ availability for interviews, you readily made yourselves available outside of normal business hours/days.

Having directors, key position holders, board members and general volunteers spread across the country requires “outside the box” solutions for adequate checks and balances policies and procedures. Your analysis, overview and recommendations highlighted areas in which we can improve and streamline our organization. Not only we have begun to tackle the feedback provided, we are integrating your suggestions for ways of streamlining our processes which will make us more efficient and secure.  Some of the initiatives we are implementing include a secure online dog database, a CRM, a new website for secure online donations, and detailed Policies and Procedures for Operations.  We are also preparing for a financial audit, which will be critical for grant submissions.  

Your review was the key that laid it all out in front of us so we could begin to get our arms around the changes that we need to make and your feedback was instrumental and will allow for more resources to be dedicated to what we do best-- saving the dogs that need us so desperately."

-- Jill Ann Freeman, Executive Director

Haywood habitat for humanity

A small organization with a big mission, Haywood Habitat for Humanity is located in Haywood County, NC. Their small staff has limited technology support, but significant sensitive information to protect. 

"I highly recommend BizSafe to my non-profit colleagues.  One of the biggest things our team learned is just because you don’t see things, it doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. The report we received from BizSafe provided practical information that immediately became an important part of our operational planning.  Our organization operates with limited resources to invest in technology.  The technology review provided us with a terrific roadmap for policy, procedure, security measures, future purchasing and implementation of hardware and software.  The financial review identified areas for improvement and safety that a routine financial audit probably wouldn’t reveal.  The overall BizSafe report to our organization was concise, understandable, relevant, and uncomplicated to implement.  For a non-profit working to safeguard its assets and deliver big results with limited resources, BizSafe is a valuable investment."

-- Jamye Sheppard, Executive Director